Enhance your technical prowess,

We rekindle your light of curiosity

IINVTY is a knowledge sharing program from Industry pioneers.


Technological Inventions and innovation is only possible if we have champion innovators .To contribute to it IINVTY Technological innovations and Inventions starts from shifting Conventional Training Model to NTCTM (NeuroTechno Corporate Champions Training models) by IINVTY Academy . IINVTY Academies NTCTM concept not only going to create champion innovators but also make them to reach the sixth level of Blooms Taxonomy creativity. IINVTY offers NTCTM in various verticals starting from Industrial Safety to Disruptive Technologies. We we collaborate with our clients to deliver “results that stick.” Our team provides customized learning experiences led by Bain experts who combine deep domain knowledge with real-world perspectives.

We are bridging the gap between industry 4.0 needs and the current academic inputs.
Create awareness about technology in the future & help the student community understand what kind of skills & competencies required to industry ready
We will simplify the learning and develop the competencies required to pursue a career in the era of industry 4.0

Your Value Proposition-How do you solve customer’s problem
We will deliver learner centred modules which is designed based on the attention span of the current generation learners and use technology that is conducive for self-learning & can be learnt at their convenience.

We as a team are able to provide the much needed “Industry Connect” to bridge the gap between the college curriculum and the demands of the industry. We offer a wide range of programs that can be customized for colleges and companies from the corporate sector. These courses help students and employees diversify and upgrade their skillsets enabling them to become “Industry Ready”.

Why IINVTY Pvt Ltd ?

We have team of experts representing each course who has hands on experience.
We have experienced content developers supported by behavioural trainers who advises on learners’ psychology
We have a team of experts who can convert our content into 2D/3D videos and develop game-based learning

Our classes, workshop and seminars are conducted with a sole purpose in mind, and that is to enable the students to be the pioneers of tomorrow’s technology. In this stead, we customize all our classes depending on the students attending them, as there is a drastic difference between teaching first year undergraduate students and employees of renowned organizations. Apart from industrial exposure, we also strive to impart in our students analytical and research skills to better aid in their future endeavors, by delivering practical-oriented education programs with real-time projects.

Our Vision :

To become a world-class organization, disseminating industry-orientedinformation about emergent technologies.

Our Mission :

To train and nurture the skills of up-and-coming technologists, enabling them to pursue their dreams of a better future.

Our Methodology :

We employ the use of practical hands-on training modules along with live projects to inculcate in students the necessary “Industry Skills”.