Privacy Policy

At IINVTY, our policy is to provide world-class technology solutions in quality and safety while promoting environmental sustainability, ethical business practices, and social responsibility. Through our verticals of research, audit, training, and health wellness, we strive to create innovative services that positively impact our communities and set a new standard of excellence for our industry.”



Measurable Target



To continuously improve technology solutions and services in quality and safety

Increase customer satisfaction score by 10%

Customer satisfaction score


To promote environmental sustainability, ethical business practices, and social responsibility

Reduce carbon footprint by 15%

Carbon emissions reduction


To create innovative and exceptional services that positively impact communities

Develop and launch at least 2 new socially responsible services

Number of socially responsible services launched


To provide employees with safe and healthy working environment and opportunities for professional growth

Reduce workplace accidents by 20%

Number of workplace accidents


To expand business globally and establish leadership in the industry

Increase international revenue by 30%

Percentage of international revenue


To maintain strong financial performance and ensure long-term sustainability

Increase net profit margin by 5%

Net profit margin


To continuously assess and improve performance in quality and safety management

Achieve a score of at least 90% on quality and safety audits

Quality and safety audit score


To establish and maintain strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners

Increase customer retention rate by 15%

Customer retention rate