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IINVTY Research and Developments Wing is dedicated to driving innovation in safety, manufacturing, and quality for the betterment of society and the nation. As part of the Make in India initiative, The Research and Developments team we leverage advanced technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, data analytics, and data engineering to address corporate challenges in these domains. Moreover, our Research and Developments team of skilled professionals develops cutting-edge solutions to enhance manufacturing processes, improve safety, quality, and efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. Through a culture of innovation and collaboration, we foster creativity and problem-solving. Additionally, by collaborating with industries in India, we enhance their competitiveness and contribute to the growth of the nation’s manufacturing sector. Our research has a positive impact locally and globally. At IINVTY, we take pride in our contributions to society and the nation, and we remain committed to driving innovation, developing solutions, and shaping a better future.


IINVTY Research and Developments Methodologies

Our methodology follows a step-by-step process, which includes:

1. Identification of Gray Areas

We identify areas of concern through audits or customer feedback. Consequently, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem and its impact on the organization.

2. Study of the Problem

Our research and development team experts meticulously conduct a comprehensive study of the problem and its underlying causes. This involves analyzing data, reviewing processes, and engaging in stakeholder interviews to gain valuable insights.

3. Selection of Technologies

We carefully select the appropriate technologies based on the specific problem and available data. Our team of experts utilizes advanced tools and technologies, including AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, data analytics, and data engineering, to determine the most suitable solution.

4. Implementation

We implement the solution in a controlled environment to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency. This involves setting up the necessary infrastructure, configuring the tools and technologies, and conducting thorough system testing.

5. Trial Run to Capture Data

Through running trials, we capture data and analyze the results, enabling us to fine-tune the system and ensure optimal functionality.

6. Real-time Implementation

Once the trial run proves successful, we proceed to implement the solution in a real-time environment. Additionally, we offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure stakeholders can effectively utilize the system.

Our research methodologies are aligned with the Make in India concept and are focused on creating a safer, more productive, and efficient work environment. By using advanced technologies, we are able to solve complex problems and help organizations achieve their business objectives.

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IINVTY Research and Developments Wing Uniqueness

With these unique strengths, IINVTY Research Wing is well-equipped to address the most challenging problems faced by the corporate world, and contribute towards the growth of the nation through the Make in India initiative

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